I am a software engineer, husband, father and paid up member of the human race living in the deepest darkest depths of Warwickshire, UK. In 2000 I graduated from Oxford Brookes University with an Honours degree in Software Engineering.

Since graduating I’ve worked in software development, primarily as a C++ developer creating image capture, analysis and visualisation tools used by the scientific community. I also had a brief stint in the cyber security sector before deciding to go it alone and start my consultancy firm Compiled Creations Limited.

Currently I am working as a developer on exciting projects using C++ and JavaScript to bring desktop applications to the web and helping teams to get to grips with Scrum and other agile development techniques.

As well as programming I’ve been involved in several team’s adoptions of Agile development techniques. Having had great success working with teams as Scrum Master and Product Owner. I’ve also coached new teams and their Scrum Master’s in how to get the best out of Agile.

Outside of software development, I enjoy all the usual pursuits you’d imagine for someone with my background. I’m a big gamer and lover of all things Marvel, DC comic and Star Wars.

If you’re looking for a good software engineer to help with your project, I might be your man so get in touch by through LinkedIn or the form below.

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